Couple Therapy Intensive Weekend

Couple Therapy Intensive Weekend

Sometimes a one-hour-a-week therapy session doesn’t feel like enough, or it feels like your relationship needs an immediate injection of hope and repair. An intensive weekend is designed to be an in-depth, focused, guided exploration of the injuries in your relationship, and a structured approach to kickstarting the healing process. The amount of lasting transformation that often occurs after the immersive experience of an intensive weekend is surprising! This approach can achieve great progress far more quickly than “standard” couple therapy, and allows time to go much more deeply into the underlying issues of your relationship’s distress. A couple therapy intensive consists of two full days of in-depth, personal therapy provided by Dr. Andrea Medaris, as well as tools to take with you into the future.

The initial consultation is 90 minutes and costs $300, which can be applied to the cost of the weekend if we all feel it is a good fit and a good investment for your relationship.


  • A 90-minute assessment and consultation with Dr. Medaris prior to the weekend
  • Reading materials and a personalized workbook packet mailed to you
  • Twelve hours of intensive, private online therapy sessions on a Saturday and Sunday, 9am-4pm
  • A follow-up session after a few weeks to ensure lasting improvement

Cost: $3900